July 2018  


Junior Choir : The Junior Choir consists of all 1st thru 3rd grade students.  They meet on Wednesday  under the direction of Mrs Allison.  They will be working on music theory and reading; developing breathing, postue, and vocal technique to prepare them for Children's Choir.  They will be singing for worship services during the school year.                                                                                                                                                         


RLS Children's Choir:

The RLS Children's choir consists of all students in grades 4 through 8.  We meet weekly on Wednesdays during the school day.  The purposes of our choir are: to praise our great God with our voices; to lead worship on Sundays and sometimes Wednesdays; and to learn more about music theory and part singing.  We sing at least once per quarter for a worship service at Lutheran church of Our Redeemer.  One of the highlights of our year is to perform at our Fine Arts Festival.




Singing Schedule

October                   9                10:45   AM           Grades           1-8

November             20                  8:15   AM           Grades            1-8

December                7                 7:00   PM            Grades            4-8

December              14                 7:00   PM            Grades            Preschool - 3

National Lutheran Schools Celebration            All Sutdents   You may choose a service on this weekend

           Jan 28   - 5:30 PM       Jan 29    8:15 AM      Jan 29 10:45 AM

March                       1                      Noon                 Grades          1-3

March                       8                      Noon                 Grades          4-8

March                     15                     Noon                 Grades           1-3

March                     22                     Noon                 Grades           4-8         

April                          5                     Noon                 Grades            1-3

April                      13                       Noon                 Grades            4-8 

April                      30                   10:45 AM            Grades           1-8

May                       12                      7:00 PM           Grades           1-8     Fine Arts Festival