August 2018  
Mission Projects

Each year the students at Redeemer Lutheran School support various mission projects.

Chapel Offerings:This year our chapel offerings are going to the following missions:




For our 2nd Quarter Chapel offerings, we will be raising money to make “Build-A-Bear Buddies”! Each bear that we make will be donated to a local hospital, police department, or fire station. 
These bears will be designated to go to a child who may need a little extra comfort in their life. Whether it be a sickness or an unexpected tragedy, our local responders will hand them out to children in these situations as they see fit. 
Bear donations can be any amount. One bear costs $12 to make. For every $12 that is donated, we will hang up a paper bear to display. If you donate enough for a bear, you may write a child’s name, family name, or even a name of remembrance on the line for who the donation is from or in memory of. These will be available in the church and school office or from Mrs. Jorgensen. Thank you for your support in this project! 


Quarter 3:  COMFORT DOGS

Our third quarter offerings will be donated to the Comfort Dogs of Indiana.  Comfort Dogs is a ministry of Lutheran Church Charities.  It is golden retrievers and their owners who bring comfort, compassion, hope for people who are hurting and need emotional support.   They visit schools, churches, nursing homes, local groups, and communities that have had tragedies such as shootings, floods, hurricanes, etc.

The dogs provide opportunities to witness to people about Jesus.  These dogs have an instinct to know when people are hurting, so they can help bring Christ to those who do not know Him, and strengthen those who do know Him.  They bring mercy, compassion and God’s presence to those in need.


 Quarter 4:  LERT (Lutheran Early Response Team)

Our fourth quarter chapel offerings will be used to support the Lutheran Early Response Team (LERT).  Their mission is to provide teams of trained volunteers to assist churches and communities as part of a disaster outreach ministry.  Their goal is to provide local churches with the opportunity to sponsor trained and equipped volunteers that will work in a variety of disaster outreach ministries such as cleanup and debris removal, basic repair, and property protection. They work in conjunction with district disaster response coordinators and district disaster response teams.  Please help support this mission by sending in chapel offerings each week.  We also ask that you pray for the response team and the people that they serve.