Dress Code

Dress Code: We believe that students’ clothing is an outward expression of their internal feelings and self-worth, and when students dress well, they will be more able to maintain a positive growth mindset which is vital for the learning process. We also believe that pride in dressing empowers students to learn, behave, and accomplish school tasks more effectively. This dress code will apply to all students in grades 1-8. It is recommended that students in PS-K follow this dress code also. The administrator/teacher will make all final determinations concerning proper dress.

PANTS: Students may choose from: Denim, khaki, corduroys, knit (no sweat or athletic), cargo/painter, dress pants of appropriate length. No pants will have holes, tears, rips or frayed edges. No pants are to be low-riding. Tights or leggings should be worn with skirts, dresses, or other bottoms.

SHORTS/CAPRIS: Shorts/capris (see pants) will be allowed from spring through fall during Daylight Savings Time hours. Shorts must be longer than finger-tip length when the student stands with their shoulders relaxed and arms at their sides.

SKIRTS/DRESSES: Skirts/dresses must be longer than finger-tip length when students stand shoulders relaxed and arms at sides.

TOPS: You may choose from: Collared, crew neck, turtleneck, mock neck, or sweater-type tops. All tops are to have sleeves and must be of an appropriate length to display Christian modesty at all times. Pictures and writing acceptable in a Christian environment are allowed.

OUTWEAR: Coats, winter boots, hats and gloves are to be worn outdoors, not in classrooms.

HAIR: Hair must be well-groomed, neat, and away from the eyes. No extreme styles and no colors or bleaching of hair is permitted.

FOOTWEAR: ALL CHILDREN PRESCHOOL - 8 will wear athletic shoes or shoes with closed toes and backs. Heels are to be 1 inch or less.

MAKE-UP: Girls in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade may wear appropriate make-up as determined by teachers/administrator.

JEWELRY: Pierced earrings (post only) Any other body piercings or tattoos are not allowed.

CHAPEL DAYS: Students may wear any pant/skirt selection, other than denim. Students will wear a Redeemer logo polo shirt which will be available for purchase in the school office.

Physical Education Attire Tennis shoes are to be worn for all P.E. classes. Grades 5-8 students will wear a Redeemer P.E. uniform. There will be special days throughout the school year when athletic wear/sweat pants will be allowed.